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Sterifeed latex free evoprene teat units form an innovative and healthy alternative to latex teats.

This new single use fast flow teat is suitable for use from approx. 6 months (full-term). It is supplied sterile and ready to use. Fast flow teats are ideal for thicker feeds or for when the standard flow teats simply exhaust your baby.

Sterifeed fast flow teats are a natural follow-on from 10010 standard flow teats. The teat material and shape is unchanged. This teat features a single large hole. Take extra care during first use and never 'bottle-prop'.

Do not heat this product. Microwaving these teats will damage the plastics and create a potential choking hazard.

Sterifeed latex free teat - Fast flow 10011

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This product is supplied sterile, sealed in tamper evident packaging, ready to use.

These teats are designed to be used once only and discarded.

Do not microwave.

The ideal companion to a Sterifeed teat is a Sterifeed bottle. Browse our Sterifeed glass and PP bottles via the links within the top menu on this page.

Sterifeed teat locking rings collars will also fit narrow necked (standard necked) bottles by Ameda, ARDO, Lansinoh, Medela and many more. They will not fit wide necked systems such as those marketed by Avent, Nuk and Tommee Tippee.