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Sterifeed latex free evoprene teat units form an innovative and healthy alternative to latex teats.

This new single use fast flow teat is suitable for use from approx. 6 months (full-term). It is supplied sterile and ready to use. Fast flow teats are ideal for thicker feeds or for when the standard flow teats simply exhaust your baby.

Sterifeed fast flow teats are a natural follow-on from 10010 standard flow teats. The teat material and shape is unchanged. This teat features a single large hole. Take extra care during first use and never 'bottle-prop'.

Do not heat this product. Microwaving these teats will damage the plastics and create a potential choking hazard.

There is an alternative product available. Boxes of 100 NUK size 1 latex single use teats are available with a large feed hole for thicker or thickened feeds.