For narrow necked bottles, supplied sterile

Sterifeed latex free evoprene teat units form an innovative and healthy alternative to latex teats. They are supplied sterile, ready for immediate use.

This single use orthodontic shaped standard teat is suitable for use from birth (full-term).

Do not heat this product. Microwaving these teats will damage the plastics and create a potential choking hazard.

Sterifeed latex free teat - Orthodontic 10007

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We are out of these Sterifeed teats now but they are available in small quantities on As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

There is fortunately a clinically sterile (irradiated) anti-colic alternative which is in very widespread NHS use. NUK Medicpro (made in Germany) are available on our sister website, and are linked below. If your hospital teat had a yellow or white locking ring, it was almost certainly a NUK teat rather than Sterifeed.

This teat is the nearest equivalent we have to the Sterifeed orthodontic shaped single use teat. It has a medium feed hole for milk or formula. Available in bulk, it is MUCH cheaper than buying Sterifeed in 10s from Amazon.